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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services at Indian Creek Foundation

“Autism. Okay, now we know. What are our available resources?”

By the time many families receive an official autism diagnosis for their child, relief is often the prevailing emotion. Before they know for certain, families are limited in their resources, answers to questions, and searchable content. If nothing else, diagnosis gives them something concrete with which to move forward. Indian Creek Foundation serves as the premier Indian Valley resource in autism support for children/adolescents and their families. Our hope is that when families come to us, that feeling of relief grows by leaps and bounds, because now they know their child will get the appropriate support to grow, learn, and thrive.

What is ABA Therapy for Children with Autism?

After a family receives an autism diagnosis, they want to know how to initiate the best plan for their child’s unique needs. His or her skills will vary in areas of communication, socialization, following directions, play, and independence. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of behavior based on learning theory. Indian Creek ABA therapy offers an approach to treatment that is individualized to each child and family. Under the supervision of a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), our trained therapists work with children and adolescents to develop a progression of sustainable skills. We also incorporate parents and caregivers into the treatment plan so that children can enjoy consistency of support across the environments where they live, play, and learn.

Indian Creek ABA therapy services are typically provided in home, daycare, preschool, school, or community settings. In-person settings are the primary mode of therapy, but telehealth may be considered as a short-term option when public or family health conditions call for it. Telehealth is limited to the guidelines specified by managed care or the family’s private insurance coverage.

How Does ABA therapy at Indian Creek Foundation Work?

Each individual will begin with a functional behavior assessment (FBA) to determine a baseline of behavior. This is the starting point of the treatment plan and will help the BCBA and family establish goals. The FBA will also help the BCBA recommend changes to the child’s natural environment in support of attaining those goals.

The BCBA provides for the clinical direction of services to the child and designs the most effective program to teach the indicated skills. The BCBA will also provide training to parents, caregivers, and the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) for optimal ABA programming implementation. As the child moves through the program, the BCBA will collaborate with team members and develop new treatment plans.

The evidence-based treatment plan will be applied to systematically reduce behavioral areas of concern while teaching and reinforcing new skills. Training will move from a controlled setting to a natural setting, and parents or caregivers will be taught how to continue training outside the therapy environment. The RBT works directly with the child on the treatment program, provides immediate feedback during therapy, and supports parents and caregivers in their continuation of the program. The RBT is responsible for collecting data to measure both the child’s and the caregivers’ responses to the ABA program.

How Do I Get Started with ABA therapy at Indian Creek Foundation?

To get started with ABA, families will need a Written Order. This is an evaluation, typically provided by a psychologist or physician, which identifies the areas of concern and makes broad recommendations for assessments and services. A Written Order is usually valid for one year after it is issued and is accepted by most licensed ABA providers.

For more information about obtaining a Written Order, contact the Indian Creek Foundation Intake Case Manager at 267-203-1500 ext. 137. Indian Creek Foundation accepts Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and will also accept a combination of Medical Assistance and most private insurance coverage.

For general information surrounding the clinical aspects of the ABA programming, please contact the ABA Clinical Coordinator at 267-203-1500 ext. 334.