Services for Children and Adults

Indian Creek Foundation provides necessary services to 1200 individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Autism.


Founded in 1975, Indian Creek Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live in and enrich the community throughout their lives. Through three departments offering residential and community based, vocational, and behavioral health services, the Foundation continues to grow and meet the changing needs of the surrounding community.

Autism Services

Indian Creek Foundation offers an extensive selection of services for children and teens with Autism. Programs are available in individual and group settings to address a variety of needs.


Working with professional staff, qualified therapists, and certified clinicians, indiduals will receive evidence-based support and therapies to achieve their personal goals and outcomes. Treatment plans are developed to progressively build skills in each area of focus.



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Intensive Behavioral Health Services

Indian Creek Foundation’s Intensive Behavioral Health Services department provides behavioral health supports to children and adults who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, Autism, and mental health challenges.


Our comprehensive programs address individual needs based on customized treatment plans to support participant outcomes.


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Outpatient Center

Our psychiatrists and clinicians specialize in working with children and adults who have a dual diagnosis of a mental health challenge and a developmental disability. Creative therapeutic approaches and recovery focused treatment are provided in a trauma informed setting. Available services include Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy and Medication Management.


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Day Services Program

Indian Creek Foundation’s Day Services program provides individualized programming and support to each participant as they explore options for making connections to their community.


We engage our participants in activities designed to help them explore potential careers, volunteerism, and opportunities for ongoing adult learning. We partner with local organizations and businesses to provide options for each individual to learn a new hobby, explore cultural interests, and receive training to advocate for themselves.


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Residential and Community Services

Indian Creek Foundation’s Residential and Community Based Services department provides a continuum of individualized services to support adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities in exploring their place in the community. Twenty-four hour a day care is provided in group homes throughout the area. This department also provides long and short term supports to adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities living in their own homes with their families and in the community.


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