2023 Indian Creek Holiday Gift Drive

In early December, we completed our 15th annual holiday gift drive. Every year since 2008, Indian Creek has worked with staff and a dedicated group of donors to make sure our residents and program members have lovely gifts to open on Christmas morning.

Indian Creek Foundation serves individuals and families of varying sizes and socioeconomic circumstances. This means that some people under our care, or families who receive our services, have needs that go beyond the scope of medical care and behavioral health. Whenever we have the resources and opportunity to make an even bigger impact on the lives of those we serve, we embrace it.

Gift Drive is a Months Long Project

Just as we start noticing the chillier nights at the end of September, it’s time to start planning for these special Christmas gifts. The Directors of several of our programs distribute a form to supervisors, clinicians, and other staff who identify individuals and families who are in need of gifts.

Our staff works with individuals and their families to make a wish list of about 4 items. There are no limits to the types of gifts. We welcome requests for everything from household items to toys to clothing to special keepsakes. In many cases, we invite siblings, parents, and caregivers to complete a wish list as well. The cost of caring for an individual with disabilities, even with insurance coverage, often prevents families from being able to afford gifts during the holidays.

Once we have our wish lists, we compile that information into an organized database and allow our donors to get to work.

Dedicated Donors and Volunteers Bless Each Participant

For many years, we have been working with a group of special donors for the gift drive. Our team consists of one corporation, a local Catholic parish, Souderton High School Student Council, a women’s business organization, a nonprofit organization, and a few individual donors.

Once they have their lists, our shoppers thoughtfully choose gifts that will be special to our recipients. They take care of wrapping and labeling their gifts before returning them to Indian Creek for sorting. Our gift recipients remain anonymous, with only their staff knowing who gets which gifts.

Once we have all the gifts ready for delivery, our staff comes into the Cowpath Road office to be overloaded with packages. We have a ton of fun filling up vehicles and talking about how much joy the presents will bring to each person or family. All the gifts are delivered to our residents, or to the homes of our Behavioral Services clients at least a week before Christmas. For some, these gifts are everything they receive for Christmas. Our clinicians and supervisors are blessed every year to see the joy on people’s faces when they see that they have gifts picked out especially for them under the tree.

The holiday gift drive is just one way that we as an organization strive to provide exceptional care to the people we serve in the community. Check out more pictures from this year’s event on Facebook! If you or your organization are interested in joining our group of gift donors, please contact Beth Healy at ehealy@indcreek.org to get on 2024’s notification list.