Join the 33rd Annual Roll Stroll & Run Event at Indian Creek Foundation

Registration and volunteer signups are underway for our 33rd Annual Roll Stroll & Run Event on June 15th!

Something we apply to pretty much everything at Indian Creek Foundation is the understanding that we all have unique interests and abilities. Our services are incredibly diverse to ensure that we can meet many different needs in the community. Our employment options are also very diverse in order to attract and retain qualified professionals who have a great work-life balance.

Why would our community events be any different?

The diverse, yet unified, design of the Roll Stroll & Run is the perfect analogy for what we do every day at Indian Creek Foundation.

This event offers 8 ways to participate in the physical activities, 2 options for general attendance, about 30 volunteer categories, a bunch of lunch combinations, and entertainment options for all ages. There is truly something for everyone so that we can all enjoy an amazing day of community and friendship.

Meeting Everyone Where They Are in Our Work and Play

We work hard to master the art of structured versatility. We follow evidence-based standards and protocols in order to deliver services safely and correctly. At the same time, we personalize our approach to meet the needs and preferences of each individual. Roll Stroll & Run works the same way.

This event is planned out to the minute so that it runs smoothly. But it’s also incredibly flexible, offering a way for every person to participate however they want. This structured versatility is how we’ve been able to gather a huge crowd of people who are all unified in their support for Indian Creek for so many years. Whether you run, walk, bike, volunteer, or just come out to enjoy the fun, we are glad to have you as part of our mission.

This is similar to how our services work across our 3 departments:

  • Behavioral Health Services – a home and community-based program to provide therapeutic support to children and adults with Autism, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, and mental health challenges.
  • Residential & Community Based Services – a full range of in-residence services for adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and/or Autism to promote their health and well-being.
  • Day Services – an energetic daytime program for adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and/or Autism which incorporates community engagement, social activities, learning opportunities, and more.

People come to our organization with a wide range of abilities, needs, challenges, and diagnoses. We meet them all exactly where they are and develop individualized plans in order to provide exceptional, dignified care so they can enjoy full and happy lives.

We strive to offer a full menu of employment options, too! We are happy to train individuals who want to explore a career in the fields of Direct Support, Autism, Behavioral Health, and Residential Care. Employees are encouraged to explore opportunities for additional training and career growth, transfer departments as priorities and scheduling preferences arise, and further their education. We offer clinical supervision and internships to college students who are pursuing degrees in these fields as well.

Whether you participate in our fundraisers, come to work with us, or receive our services, something you’ll always find at Indian Creek is a group of people improving the world in their own unique way. We used this same philosophy as the basis for our Mission to Serve Every ONE. It’s the idea that by prioritizing every individual within the scope of Indian Creek Foundation, we will meet the needs of the many in our community.

What to Expect at the 2024 Roll Stroll & Run

This year’s event is shaping up to be another record-breaking fundraiser! Register before May 17th for the lowest prices. We will announce volunteer opportunities soon. We’ll once again host our post-race carnival including a DJ, family fun activities, lunch, raffles, prizes, and a beer garden.

Our events are the same as in previous years:
Roll – Bike 10, 20, 40, or 62 miles with staggered starts beginning at 7AM

Stroll – Walk 1k or 5k beginning at 10AM

Run – Run a timed 5k beginning at 9AM

If you can’t be with us in Souderton on June 15th, sign up as a virtual participant. Or, if you just want to enjoy the community atmosphere, register for lunch and the carnival without any physical events. Visit our Events page to find maps, parking information, and to become a fundraising team.

We can’t wait to see you all there!