Social Skills Building in Summer Therapeutic Activities Program/IBHS Group Services

The Summer Therapeutic Activities Program (STAP) is one of Indian Creek Foundation’s social skills group programs that runs for 6 weeks during the summer. STAP is for children and teens ages 5 to 18 who have an Autism diagnosis. Participants attend for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, in the morning or afternoon depending on their age group.

Parents and guardians who are interested in learning more about STAP should call Anne Westrom at 267-203-1500 ext. 139, or email Since STAP is a medically prescribed therapeutic program, funding is available for qualified applicants. Transportation may also be available for Montgomery County residents.

Reaching Behavioral and Social Goals in a Recreational Setting

As part of IBHS at Indian Creek Foundation, STAP is designed to support children and teens with Autism in advancing their individual treatment plan goals. The warm weather and sunshine allow us to do this in a camp-like environment where participants enjoy many different summer activities. While this is a more intense therapy schedule than many children and teens participate in during the school year, the setting and variety of program elements ensure that everyone has a lot of fun as they learn social skills.

STAP is staffed by Lead Clinicians and Therapeutic Assistants who work in 3:1 ratios with their groups of participants. Our entire 6-week program applies psychoeducational lessons in alignment with individual treatment plans. Participants will work through their behavioral and social goals each day through group activities.

Participants who also attend our Afterschool Program will recognize many of the terms that clinicians use during the therapeutic lessons. Clinicians engage in conversation builders and check-ins and always give a preview of what to expect before doing something new. Based on their individual treatment plan, participants will learn about and practice self-regulation, coping strategies, being flexible, maintaining personal space, conversation skills, engaging in peer interaction, social awareness, and more. Parents and staff are always impressed with how everyone grows and makes progress toward their goals during this program.

Engaging Skills in the Community

Indian Creek Foundation has an amazing campus for a variety of activities we orchestrate in STAP. The Foundation’s gym is perfect for games that build sportsmanship and team skills. The staff and participants also head outside to enjoy water play, interactive games, arts and crafts, and special programs. Every summer, professionals from the community visit STAP to lead karate, yoga, art therapy, or music therapy, or to put on fun entertainment shows.

Venturing into the community is another priority for STAP. Whether we go to a playground, Indian Valley Public Library, restaurants, or a local store, participants will practice and develop their social skills. Before we engage in a community activity, clinicians will preview the expectations for participants. It’s important to help everyone get a big picture idea of where we will go, who they might meet, how they can interact with others, and what coping strategies might be useful. One thing we can say for sure is that every day is different and busy!