Intensive Behavioral Health Services at Indian Creek Foundation

Families who have a child or adolescent facing behavioral or emotional challenges typically desire comprehensive solutions that address the immediate needs as well as long-term outcomes. The Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) program at Indian Creek Foundation offers families support and resources to help their children adapt and thrive.

The IBHS program takes a team approach to each child’s individual situation. The IBHS program at Indian Creek Foundation works with children and adolescents up to age 21 with the goal of helping them manage behaviors in the home, community, and school setting.

Who is On the Intensive Behavioral Health Services Team?

The IBHS team is made up of professional staff, community members, and the family. Everyone plays a role in supporting the child’s goals for social, emotional, and behavioral wellness. The team also works in conjunction with medical professionals who may be managing medical interventions. The most effective treatment plan will be one that can be transferred to various caregivers. Children who receive a consistent level of support and reinforcement in their treatment have the greatest opportunity to reach their goals.

Professional members of the treatment team may include:

  • Behavioral Consultant who develops the treatment plan, monitors the implementation, and consults with other professionals involved in the child’s plan.
  • Mobile Therapist who provides therapy to the child as outlined in the treatment plan in the home, school, or community setting.
  • Behavioral Health Technician who helps to implement the treatment plan in the home, school, or community by providing immediate feedback to the child, modeling strategies to caregivers, and collecting data.

Parents and caregivers are also an integral part of the team, as they carry out the treatment plan in activities of daily living. With a consistent and supportive approach, children and adolescents are able to integrate the strategies that allow them to regulate their behavior and achieve emotional well-being.

How Do I Get Started with Intensive Behavioral Health Services at Indian Creek Foundation?

For more information about Intensive Behavioral Health Services and the intake process, contact the Indian Creek Foundation IBHS Intake Case Manager at 267-203-1500 ext. 137. Indian Creek Foundation accepts Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and a combination of Medical Assistance and most private insurance coverage for these services.