Building Lifelong Relationships: Barb’s Story

When asked what it is about Indian Creek Foundation that sets us apart as a service organization, almost everyone answers, “Relationships.” Whether it’s our office staff, caregivers, residents, or families of individuals we serve, everyone has built quality, long-lasting relationships here on the campus of Indian Creek.

One of our Direct Support Professionals (DSP), Barb, recently shared a little bit about the relationships she has enjoyed over the years. After 22 years with us, Barb has finally stepped away to enjoy her well-deserved retirement. We are inspired by her love for Indian Creek and what it has meant to spend a career here.

It is Nice to Feel Needed

Barb started out in our Day Program, then moved to the Residential Program. She returned to Day Services to be a one-to-one DSP for an individual. She then moved into the role she recently retired from, which was working as a DSP to three women in our Day Program.

DSPs work with individuals on a ratio basis that is determined by their healthcare professionals. Individuals in a 3:1 setting need focused attention and assistance with many of their activities of daily living. About the women in her Day Program group, Barb said that she felt it deep in her heart when they accomplished something new. She loved caring for people and getting to know them as friends.

Barb also enjoyed the friendships she built with her colleagues over the years. Some of her co-workers have become lifelong friends since they began working together over 20 years ago. Barb said that to sum up everything about Indian Creek Foundation, “It would be relationships. It’s the relationships with the individuals and with my co-workers. I’m such good friends with all of these people.”

We Have as Much Fun as We Can

The other word Barb used to describe Indian Creek Foundation is, “Busy!” She said that there was so much to do every day, some of it routine and some of it out of the ordinary. It always seemed to be time for lunch and then time to go home before anyone knew it.

Barb loved dancing with her clients the most. She enjoyed getting everyone up and moving around, listening to good music. She was thankful for the variety of activities available to the Day Program. The weekly Tai Chi and music therapy sessions are something most individuals look forward to. Her clients talk nonstop to their families about our fun carnivals, and they really enjoy special visitors from Elmwood Park Zoo.

Barb mentioned that while Indian Creek would greatly benefit from more funding, she was always amazed at how CEO Dean Stoesz leverages the organization’s resources to make sure everyone has what they need. It was always clear to her how much leadership cares for both the employees and the clients. They are truly invested in making Indian Creek a positive place to work and to receive services.

Enjoy Positive Relationships with a DSP Career at Indian Creek

Barb will always be special to Indian Creek Foundation. We thank her for her 2 decades of experienced and compassionate care for her colleagues and her clients. We are always looking for people like Barb to join our staff.

If you have passion for helping people, patience, and a big heart, consider a career with Indian Creek Foundation as a Direct Support Professional. Our DSPs are highly valued members of our team who enjoy competitive pay, excellent benefits, a positive work culture, and career growth opportunities.

We are hiring DSPs for our Day Program and Residential Program, with many shifts and flexible schedules available. Visit our Careers page to view all of our current openings.