Living My Best Life: Ashley’s Story

Individuals served through Indian Creek Foundation’s Residential Program enjoy an autonomous, yet supported, lifestyle that is promotes their participation in the community. Our Residences are designed to support individuals at varying levels of independence and ability. Each residence is staffed around the clock to ensure that all of our participants receive superior care. The residents appreciate the stability their staff members provide while they pursue their life interests.

Ashley is a young woman who lives in one of our Residential homes in Telford along with 3 roommates. Ashley describes her roommates as good company, and she appreciates how the staff members of her home help her with daily activities.

Residential Program Offers Independence with Support

Ashley moved into her home in 2014 and would describe her residential home as very independent, but with help and support. The staff members who help Ashley and her roommates are a Supervisor, a Home Life Manager, and Direct Support Professionals.

In her home, Ashley and her roommates cook, clean, do laundry, and generally care for themselves and the house. Their supportive staff will help them with daily tasks, budgeting, making large purchases, shopping, and driving around town.

In their downtime, Ashley’s housemates enjoy watching movies at home. One roommate spends time making jewelry for friends, and Ashley likes to do latch hook projects. She loves going shopping at Walmart, but she always makes sure her staff is nearby so that she doesn’t get overwhelmed in such a big store. They also take vacations together, which is one of her favorite things to do. Last summer, they went to Wildwood, NJ for a week at the beach.

Supported Work Opportunities

Until recently, Ashley attended the Day Program at Indian Creek Foundation with several of our other residents. During the Day Program, participants engage in group activities, do crafts, learn Tai Chi, attend music therapy, and play games. Ashley was also using some of her time on the main campus to work with her job coach.

Indian Creek Foundation works with organizations like Access Services to support our residents in obtaining job skills and employment. When an individual decides to pursue employment opportunities, they will begin working with a job coach for support and training. The job coach helps their client develop a resume, apply for positions, and practice interview skills. The job coach then attends the interview, coordinates with managers at the workplace, performs hands-on support during work hours, and begins transferring skills to both the employee and the managers for additional independence.

With the support of her job coach, Sandi Brozena, Ashley started a position in Dining Services at a local senior residential community. Ashley has been making a great impression on her coworkers and supervisors as she applies her organizational skills and conscientious attitude to performing her job well.

Sandi believes that Ashley is doing an excellent job in her new role. She is growing in confidence and independence, plus earning money and making great decisions about her time and responsibilities. For example, Ashley has decided to take a break from the Day Program to have more control over her work schedule and free time.

Indian Creek Foundation Fosters Thriving Communities

Ashley is proud of both her home life and her work life with Indian Creek Foundation. She knows that she needs help with some things, and she trusts the staff because they treat her respectfully and help her navigate an independent lifestyle. When asked about why she likes living in a home owned by Indian Creek Foundation, she said, “They care about me, and no one takes advantage of me.”

Indian Creek Foundation is committed to serving all of our residents and program participants with dignity and respect. We support individuals at many different ability levels, and we encourage everyone to pursue their interests and expand their skills with as much independence as possible. If this sounds like the kind of supportive environment you’d like to join, please consider coming to work with us!

We are hiring DSPs for our Day Program and Residential Program, with many shifts and flexible schedules available. Visit our Careers page to view all of our current openings.